neurologically focused chiropractic care

Elevating family health.

Uplifting our community.

Antoniotti Chiropractic offers a different perspective that invites hope into the lives of our patients.

If you're struggling to find answers,

we can help.


Our holistic, gentle approach often provides life-changing results for families struggling with colicky infants or chronically sick kids to sensory and spectrum challenges.


Our approach to prenatal chiropractic supports mothers during a time of major physical and physiological change with gentle adjustments and soft tissue work that allow mom to experience ease in her pregnancy.

Adult & Family Chiropractic

Our unique approach focused on improving the foundational health of each patient’s central nervous system routinely helps patients struggling with pain, stress, exhaustion, and burnout experience well-being like never before.

Leaders in patient-centered neurologically focused chiropractic care.

Antoniotti Chiropractic provides life-changing results for families through our unique patient-centered approach focused on improving the foundational health of each patient’s central nervous system.

We are building a healthier community through education.

We strive to make our office a gathering place for a health-centered community to thrive. We are committed to delivering not only our expertise but also the expertise of other wellness professionals as resources for our community. 

What our patients are saying

I started with Antoniotti Chiropractic with my second pregnancy and have continued my appointments over 2 years later. The entire staff is warm and friendly! Anytime I needed anything at all, I could call and knew I would get the help that I needed. They’re so flexible and I love that.

Taylor S.

Antoniotti Chiropractor was wonderful!! I took my 7 month old to see them and they were kind, gentle, honest and caring. They put us all at ease and made me feel like they really cared about the well being of my child and took the time to listen to all my concerns and come up with a plan. I would give them 100 stars if I could!

Heidi T.

Literally, everyone in the office is amazing! I hadn't ever been to a chiropractor before, but, from the initial visits to the ongoing care I receive now, every time I walk into the office I just feel relieved!

Charles K.

I've never had a bad adjustment. Dr. Steve and Dr. Kate are fantastic people and very family oriented. My kids get adjusted here as well and I couldn't pick a better couple of people to help my family out. I recommend them any time I can! Very easy to make appointments and be seen on a regular basis or as needed.

Chelsea M.