Your Cycle & Why it Matters

Women in our reproductive window (from first bleed to menopause) have an infradian rhythm, which is separate from our circadian rhythm. By understanding the Four Phases of the Infradian Rhythm within our own bodies, we can optimize our health & make a positive impact in every area of our life.

A great resource we recommend is the book In the Flo, by Alisa Vitti She writes “starting at puberty and continuing until you reach menopause at about age fifty. It deeply impacts your experience of life for approximately forty years. This Infradian Rhythm is tied to your monthly menstrual cycle, which includes four distinct phases – follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual. The same way your circadian clock plays a role in your daily bodily functions, your 28-day Infradian clock influences your brain chemistry and physiology, providing you with unique gifts and strengths at different times of the month.” 

As a chiropractic office we view health through the lens of the nervous system. By acknowledging your Infradian Rhythm, and taking actionable steps towards optimizing it – we have observed HRV results improve, stress levels decrease, energy increase, and hormones balance.

We like to look at each phase of your rhythm/cycle as a season of the year.

Bleed Phase = Winter (3-7 days)

This is the time to prioritize rest, to hibernate, and go inward. Your energy levels are at their lowest, honor that and take anything off of your calendar that you can. This is also when the Left & Right hemispheres of your brain are the most interconnected – you have better access to both the creative & logical parts of yourself. Allowing you to reflect & strategize with more ease.

Follicular Phase = Spring (7-10 days)

During this time your energy is coming back and estrogen begins to build. You will benefit from higher intensity workouts during this phase as your body is in growth and building mode. Now is a great time to write your to-do lists & goals.

Ovulation Phase = Summer (3-4 days)

During this time you may feel more social & energized. Your hormones are peaked in a way that stimulates your brain’s verbal & social centers, making you feel more extroverted and communicative.

Luteal Phase = Fall (10-14 days)

As estrogen levels rise to promote thickening of the uterine lining, your body requires more calories (around 270!) This is why a lot of women notice their cravings increase. Being aware of this is really helpful so you don’t deplete your body! This is a great opportunity for strength training because your physiology is primed for building muscle in this phase – lift heavy! In this phase your brain is optimized for bringing projects to completion, you may notice the ability to focus on details & a drive to check off the to-do-list is heightened during this time.

Enjoy this Cycle Charting PDF to dive deeper into your four phases! 

The PDF is from a workshop Dr. Kate taught related to our Infradian Rhythm and setting goals. The cycle of the Moon follows the same rhythm, which allows non-bleeding people (this can be due to being pregnant, early postpartum, post-menopausal, on hormonal birth control) to connect to this same rhythm in their own body. The center of the pdf is for your dream/goal (ideal to set during your bleed / new moon phase). The follicular phase is where you make your List, your to-do’s, action steps, etc. The top of the page is where you place your outward facing & communication related actions (ex: record a video, make the phone call, give the presentation, declare your desires). The right side of the chart is where you place the final details (ex: clean out the closets, organize the junk drawer, order the items, organize the files). The bottom Bleed /New Moon Phase is where you reflect and set a new intenion (print this out and start next cycles chart on a fresh page!) – what worked, what didn’t and why? What can you do next cycle to move closer to your dream? Your brain is primed in this phase to creatively interpret the data and move you closer to your desires. 

About Team Antoniotti

We believe that healthy families make healthy communities, and we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Kalamazoo – one mother, one child, one family at a time.

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Dr. Erika

The road to becoming a chiropractor has been a scenic but educational one. After my own incredible experience with chiropractic care, I moved to Dallas in 2013 to attend Parker University and begin the journey to serve others.
Upon graduating, I worked in a rehab based clinic located in Irving, TX which prepared me with significant clinical knowledge in addition to expanding my experience into nutrition, physical therapy, and a variety of other palliative modalities. 
When the stars aligned for me to move back to Kalamazoo, falling in stride along Dr. Kate and Dr. Steve was an easy transition.  Their passion for serving the community of Kalamazoo is contagious and motivating! 
I welcomed my son Max in 2015 and my daughter Amelia in 2016. They motivate me daily to make positive choices and look at the big picture, both at home and at work. 
My desire is to educate our patients and create a sense of autonomy and confidence when it comes to their health! I look forward to working with the incredible people of southwest Michigan – hope to see you in the office soon!

Dr. Steve

After graduating from Miami University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the school of Kinesiology and Health, and double minor in Business and Coaching, I began a four-year chiropractic program at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri outside of St. Louis. In addition to the required chiropractic curriculum, I completed classes and performed research in advanced biomechanics, functional rehabilitation, kinetic chain analysis, and musculoskeletal therapies. This extra-curricular education has given me an edge in treating patients, allowing me to identify dysfunctions often overlooked by other providers.

Upon graduation from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2011, I moved to Indianapolis and started my own practice, PEAK Chiropractic. During my experience of owning and operating PEAK, I gained invaluable experience on how to treat patients of all levels and how to run a successful chiropractic practice. So, when my uncle, Dr. David Antoniotti, called my wife, Dr. Kate Antoniotti, and me with the offer to buy, run, and continue the tradition of Antoniotti Chiropractic in Kalamazoo, saying “yes” was extremely easy.

In March of 2016 Dr. Kate and I welcomed our son, Leo, to the world. And in October of 2018, our daughter, Rose, was born, making us a family of four. 

It is an honor to be continuing my family’s 50-year tradition of chiropractic care in Kalamazoo and I look forward to seeing you in the office!

Dr. Kate

I have always been interested in health, fitness, and human potential. After going through my own personal health struggles in college, I became passionate about holistic and preventative healthcare. This led me to pursue a B.Sc. degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology- with the ultimate goal of becoming a Chiropractor.

After graduating from Miami University, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri to attend Logan College of Chiropractic, where I earned my D.C. degree. While at Logan, I did additional studies in nutrition, pediatrics, and women’s health. It was during my four years in St. Louis, where I also discovered my love for yoga, and eventually became a yoga teacher (200-RYT).

Dr. Steve and I welcomed our son, Leo, to the world in March 2016. And then in October 2018 we welcomed our daughter, Rose, to the family. Becoming a mom has been a defining moment in my life, both personally and professionally.

With my background in chiropractic, yoga, nutrition, pediatrics and women’s health – I have focused my practice to specifically address the needs of Moms. I deeply care about the health and wellbeing of our children, and I strongly believe that we need healthy Moms in order to have healthy kids.

By directing my focus on pregnancy chiropractic care, post-partum wellness, and pediatric chiropractic – I am hopeful that I am doing my small part in improving the health of our community.

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